Accepted *GAMEPLAY* Farmworld Improvements

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Oct 1, 2023
I have enjoyed my time on the server, and have tried my best to respect the server rules regarding the Farmworld. There are a few improvements I believe may help:

It may be beneficial to add the ability to use the /RTP command in that world, as the /Farmworld command takes you to the center of the map every time. I don't want to intrude on someone else's mine if I don't have to, but having to teleport, then travel to a different mining location is a little less convenient than just mining where I live in the primary dimension.

Alternatively, allowing members to start with two "/home" homes as a member would probably greatly reduce "griefing" in the primary dimension, as players will likely use their second home for the mines in the Farmworld dimension.

Hopefully these suggestions seem reasonable, and I'd love to hear some feedback!
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Hi @Shraeder,

Thank you for your suggestions regarding Farmworld RTP feature and the changes to the default user homes value. We're currently working on implementing both of these changes to make the server more enjoyable for all and hope that this will provide a better playing experience.

Until the changes are implemented, this thread will be marked as "Under Review" but, rest assured, we like this suggestion and will implement it.

Thanks again!
UPDATE 10/14, 10:40A EST

Members of EmeraldsMC,

Please note that effective today, the amount of player homes has been updated. Use our chart provided below to learn about the rank system and amount of homes available to each user. This does not grant an unfair advantage to donor users as we now allow several homes for non-donor rank users, as well.

We have also integrated random teleportation (/rtp) in FarmWorld. Users can now teleport to new areas within the borders of the FarmWorld map, thus making it easier to find fresh, untouched areas of resources.

The list of homes (by rank) is provided, below:

The primary differences are that members now have the ability to set two homes, thus being able to easily travel thru the two main worlds with waypoints. Donor home amounts all increased by (prior # + 2).

We hope that these changes will allow for a better gameplay experience for all users, regardless of rank.

Have a great weekend,
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