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Thank you to duk for making us this advertisement!

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🏆 Weekly Challenge #9: Cinco de Mayo Madness 🏆

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Happy Friday EmeraldsMC Players,

From May 1st to May 31st, we're kicking off our latest event - the Most Votes Challenge!
Get ready to show off your support for EmeraldsMC on all voting sites, because this time, it's all about the votes!​

Here's how it works:
[01 MAY - 31 MAY, 12:00AM EST]

Cast your votes on all designated voting sites throughout the month. Use our "VOTE" tab, above, to see the available sites!

We'll tally up the total votes, and the players with the most votes will be crowned the champions!

🥇 1st Place:
  • Temporary Rank Boost (1 month): Enjoy the next tier donor rank perks for the next month!
  • $100,000 Emeralds Cash $250,000 Emeralds Cash
  • 5 Emeralds Tokens 10 Emeralds Tokens
🥈 2nd Place:
  • Temporary Rank Boost (1 month): Enjoy the next tier donor rank perks for the next month!
  • $50,000 Emeralds Cash $100,000...

🏆 Weekly Challenge #7: Most Money Made March 🏆

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🏆 Weekly Challenge #7: Most Money Made March Challenge 🏆

Greetings, adventurers of EmeraldsMC!

We're excited to announce the launch of our latest Weekly Challenge, the "Most Money Made March Challenge"! This thrilling competition is designed to test your financial prowess and strategic acumen in the bustling world of our SMP server.

How to Enter:

To participate in this challenge, simply kickstart your journey by posting a screenshot of your initial /balance below. Let the competition begin!

Challenge Details:

  • Start Date: March 1st, 12:00 AM (Server Time)
  • End Date: March 31st, 11:59 PM (Server Time)
  • The challenge concludes promptly on March 31st, and the latest balances will be pulled to determine the winners.

🌟 Introducing EmeraldsMC's Exciting New Feature: Emeralds Jobs! 🌟

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Greetings, EmeraldsMC Community!

We are thrilled to unveil our latest addition to the server: Emeralds Jobs!

This innovative feature allows you to immerse yourself in various professions within the EmeraldsMC world,
earning exclusive rewards as you complete tasks and excel in your chosen field.​

How it Works:

  • Select Your Job:
    Choose from a variety of professions including Farmer, Miner, Gatherer, Hunter, Explorer, and Fisher. Each job offers unique tasks tailored to its specialty.
  • Exclusive Rewards:
    Complete tasks to earn rewards exclusive to your job. Whether you're harvesting crops, mining precious minerals, or exploring hidden caves, there's something special waiting for you.
  • Task Progression:
    Track your progress as you work towards completing tasks. Keep an eye on your task list and watch as you edge closer to achieving your goals.
  • Automatic Reset:
    Tasks and completion status reset...

Position Opening: EmeraldsMC Community Manager

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Dear EmeraldsMC Community,

We are excited to announce a new position opening for a Community Manager within our server.
This role will serve as a crucial link between our player base and server administration, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for all.​

Role Summary:

  • Moderator Responsibilities:

    The Community Manager will assume the role of a Moderator in-game, assisting players during their playtime and maintaining order within the server environment.
  • Documentation Specialist:

    The primary focus of this role is to improve server documentation and resources.
    This includes creating comprehensive forum posts and guides on how to use existing server features that may...

🎁 Introducing Our New Vouchers System! 🎉

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We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Vouchers system, bringing exciting rewards to your Minecraft adventure!

Explore the various types of vouchers available through our​

/tokenshop, server store, weekly challenges, and daily playtime rewards.​

🌮 Food Package Voucher:

  • Description:
    • Gain a supply package full of food!
  • Contents:
    • Apples, Steak, Carrots, Potato, and Bread

🎁 Item Voucher:

  • Description:
    • Test your luck with the Item Voucher.
  • Prizes Given:
    • 4
  • Prize List:
    • [VERY COMMON] 64x Oak Logs
    • [COMMON] 64x Coal
    • [UNCOMMON] 128x Iron
    • [RARE] 64x Gold...

🌟 Introducing Our New Token Shop! 🌟

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Hello EmeraldsMC Members,

We're excited to announce the grand opening of our brand new Token Shop!
Get ready for an enhanced gaming experience with exclusive items that can be yours by earning and spending tokens.​

Available Items for Purchase:

1. Skeleton Spawner - 10 Tokens

- Summon a legion of skeletons at your command!

2. Spider Spawner - 10 Tokens
- Unleash the eight-legged creatures with your very own Spider Spawner.

3. Zombie Spawner - 10 Tokens
- Populate your world with hordes of undead using the Zombie Spawner.

4. Cave Spider Spawner - 10 Tokens
- Bring the eerie cave spiders to life with the Cave Spider Spawner.

5. Blaze Spawner - 10 Tokens
- Harness the power of...


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🕓 This feature goes live today at 4 PM EST! 🕓

Greetings, Miners!

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand-new feature on EmeraldsMC - the Mining Pouches! This exclusive feature is exclusively available to our generous donors starting from the [$] rank and above. Get ready to revolutionize your mining experience with this handy addition to your inventory!

🛠️ Craft Your Mining Pouches!
To get started, donors can access a special recipe on the server to craft these magical Mining Pouches. Once created, these pouches act as an automatic storage solution for your mining hauls. No more overflowing inventories!

The Mining Pouches intelligently gather various mining goods including cobblestone, deepslate cobblestone, coal, copper, iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds, . However, remember, your inventory must have space for these items for the...

🎣🎉 Introducing.... Random Fishing Rewards! Earn Exclusive Rewards and Double XP While Fishing! 🎉🎣

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🎣🎉 Random Fishing Rewards Are Here! Earn Exclusive Rewards and Double XP While Fishing! 🎉🎣

At EmeraldsMC, we're excited to announce the latest addition to our server - the 'Random Fishing Rewards' feature! Similar to our successful 'Lucky Mining Block Rewards' system, you can now reel in not just fish, but exclusive rewards and even double XP while enjoying the calming art of fishing.

Rewards for Every Rank, From Member and Above!

We're thrilled to offer rewards that cater to every dedicated member of our community, starting from the esteemed Member rank all the way up to our Elite tier and beyond. Each rank unlocks the opportunity for unique rewards while casting your line into the vast waters of our server.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the reward probabilities per rank:


🏆 Weekly Challenge #6 - January Voter Bonanza! 🏆

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🏆 Weekly Challenge #6 - January Voter Bonanza! 🏆

Greetings, adventurers!

Get ready to kick off the new year with a bang! Our Weekly Challenge #6 brings you an exciting opportunity to win exclusive rewards by simply exercising your voting prowess and participating actively in the month of January.

📅 Vote Time Frame:

January 1st through January 31st

🏅 Top Voter Rewards:

  • 1st Place: One Month of FREE [<3$$$] RANK ($20 USD Value)
  • 2nd Place: One Month of FREE [$$$] RANK ($12.99 USD Value)
  • 3rd Place: One Month of FREE [$$] RANK ($4.99 USD Value)
All users can enter this challenge by visiting emeraldsmc.com/vote/. Ensure to vote on each site daily to increase your chances of winning!

🎉 Streak Rewards:
Players with a streak of 5 days or higher will win special, exclusive rewards, using our /daily command. Claim rewards, while...

🎄🌟🎁 December Updates Are Here! 🎁🌟🎄

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🎄🌟🎁 December Updates Are Here! 🎁🌟🎄

Dear Community,

We're thrilled to announce some exciting updates and holiday festivities to spread cheer and joy throughout our server this December! 🎉

Here are the key highlights:

🏅 Enhanced Server Events:

Your rank will now shine in every moment - from joining to leaving, even in your valiant battles or when claiming those coveted gifts.
Get ready for a personalized experience like never before!

💸 Revamped Systems:

Our baltop, currency, and rank systems have undergone a complete makeover! Expect a faster and smoother journey as you climb the ranks and
embrace a new and improved economy.

🎅 12 Days of Christmas:

The festive season has arrived! Join us in celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas - login and play daily to receive special gifts until December 25th.
Let the festivities begin! 🎅🎁

🌟 Extended Weekly Challenge:


🏆🌟 Side Quest #2: NEW IDEA 🌟🏆 [TUE NOV 28 - TUE DEC 05]

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From Tuesday, November 28th, to Tuesday, December 5th, at midnight EST.

Here's how it works:​

  • Suggest a new feature that you would like implemented on EmeraldsMC.
    • Try to integrate existingblocks, mobs, or elements of Minecraft in your idea.
    • This could be as simple as something like our Playtime Rewards or a new feature like Mob Drops.
Ask yourself, what would make you want to play more on EmeraldsMC? 🤔
Try to come up with a unique idea that would make you excited to play on Emeralds (something that you don't see much of elsewhere)!

You can suggest up to 3 different ideas!

Side Challenge Prizes:

🥇 1st Place:
  • $25,000 Emeralds Cash
  • Netherite Sword
🥈 2nd Place:
  • $10,000 Emeralds Cash
  • Netherite Boots
🥉 3rd...

🔊🎮 Introducing Proximity Voice Chat: Link Minecraft and Discord! 🎮🔊

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🔊 We're thrilled to unveil our latest feature:
Proximity Voice Chat! 🔊

Now, you can seamlessly connect your Minecraft and Discord for an immersive gaming experience.
Please note, this feature is currently in its testing phase and might have some initial quirks.

🛠️ How to Get Started:

1) Link your accounts by typing `/link` in Discord.

2) Copy the command provided by the Discord bot and paste it in on the EmeraldsMC Server.

3) Join the 'Proximity Chat' voice channel on Discord. 🎙️

4) When you approach a player who is also linked and on Discord in the Proximity Chat channel, you will be able to voice chat with them!

Players within a ~80 block radius will be linked in a channel to talk together.
Players who leave this area will be removed to a 'quiet' channel until another player is nearby.


🏆❄️ Weekly Challenge #5: HIDDEN ORNAMENTS IN /FARMWORLD ❄️🏆 [SUN NOV 26 - SUN DEC 17]

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🏆❄️ Weekly Challenge #5: HIDDEN ORNAMENTS IN /FARMWORLD ❄️🏆
A Holiday Quest Full of Excitement!
[SUN NOV 26 - SUN DEC 17]

Are you ready for another thrilling treasure hunt?
It's time for Weekly Challenge #5 on EmeraldsMC - Hidden Ornaments! 🎁


Duration: From Sunday, November 26th, to Sunday, December 17th, at midnight.

Here's how it works:
🎒Challenge Details:
  • 🎉 Your mission, should you accept it, is to seek out 20 Hidden Chests...

🎄🎁✨ Spread Holiday Cheer with Daily Santa Gifts! ✨🎁🎄

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🎅🏻Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holidays! 🎅🏻


🎉 We're thrilled to unveil a special surprise just for you! 🎉
🎅🏻 Introducing our brand-new Gift Santa feature!
Claim gifts at spawn, every day, to receive a special prize!

🎄 Week 1 - From December 1 to December 7 🎁

For Non-Donors:

  • 💰 Receive 500 in cash!
  • 💎 Grab an emerald and 4 precious diamonds!
  • 🥕 Taste the Christmas spirit with 16 carrots!
  • 🥧 Delight in 8 slices of pumpkin pie!
  • 🍰 Savor 8 servings of holiday cake!
  • ❄️ Equip yourself with 64 snowballs for playful fun!
  • ⚔️ Unwrap an iron sword enchanted with Sharpness 1!
For Donors:

  • 💰 Gain a hefty 1500 in cash!
  • 💎 Expand your collection with 8 emeralds and 12 more emeralds!
  • 🥕 Enjoy 48 Christmas-themed carrots!
  • 🥧 Relish in 32 servings of pumpkin pie!
  • 🍰 Indulge in 8 slices of...

🌟 Update: Random Block Mining Rewards! 🌟

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Attention Miners!

We're thrilled to unveil the revamped mining rewards across all ranks! Your mining ventures now carry specific probabilities for turning stone blocks
into precious Emerald or Diamond blocks.​

Here are the new chances:


  • (1/2500 Chance) of turning a stone block into a DIAMOND BLOCK!
  • (1/4000 Chance) of turning a stone block into an EMERALD BLOCK!
💰 $ RANK

  • (1/2000 Chance) of turning a stone block into a DIAMOND BLOCK! (Typical Chance for [Member] Rank: 1/2500)
  • (1/3000 Chance) of turning a stone block into an EMERALD BLOCK! (Typical Chance for [Member] Rank: 1/4000)
💎💎 $$ RANK

  • (1/1500...

💎🌟 User Play-Time Rewards: Gameplay Update 🌟💎

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Dear Players,

We're thrilled to announce a new update arriving on Thursday, November 16th, designed to reward your gameplay like never before! Starting from this date, we're introducing playtime-based rewards, acknowledging your dedication and time spent in-game.​

Reward Details:

For our Donor Players of all levels, every 20 minutes of gameplay will grant you:

  • 2 XP Levels ⚔️
  • 500 Emeralds Cash 💰
Our valued Members won't be left out, every 20 minutes of gameplay will grant you:

  • 1 XP Level ⚔️
  • 250 Emeralds Cash 💰

Your commitment to the game will now be even more rewarding. Don't miss the opportunity to level up your gameplay and earn enticing rewards!

Stay tuned for this exciting update and thank you for...

🌟 [NEW!] Explore and Discover with RandomDrops on EmeraldsMC! 🎁

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Greetings, Adventurers of EmeraldsMC!

We're thrilled to introduce a brand-new feature that adds an exciting element to your exploration journeys:


🔍 What Are RandomDrops?

Every hour, a mysterious chest will appear somewhere in FarmWorld, waiting to be discovered. The approximate coordinates will be broadcasted to all players, sparking a race to uncover the treasures hidden within.

🎁 What Can You Find?

Get ready for a variety of enticing drops, each with its own rarity and rewards:

  • Common Drop (50% Chance):
    - 16 Diamonds
    - 64 Coal Ore
    - 32 Raw Gold
    - 64 Gold Nugget
    - 16 Obsidian
    - 8 Crying Obsidian
    - 16 Dark Oak Log
    - 4 Waxed Oxidized Copper
    - 64 Raw Copper


🎰 Welcome to the Grand Opening of EmeraldsMC Casino! 🎲

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Greetings, EmeraldsMC Community!

We're thrilled to unveil our newest addition: the dazzling EmeraldsMC Casino! 🌟
Whether you're a high roller or a casual gamer, there's something for everyone in this vibrant gaming paradise.




💸 Chip Buy-In Options: Customize Your Experience!

  • Purchase chips using your EmeraldsCash: $100, $1,000, or $10,000 options available.
  • Select your desired chip value and get ready to try your luck!

🎲 Single-Player and Multi-Player Machines: Choose Your...

🎉 Exciting News: Introducing New Daily Rewards! 🎉

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EmeraldsMC is excited to bring you a brand new feature - Daily Rewards! Now, logging in daily pays off more than ever. With the simple command /daily, you can claim your daily reward of 2 to 8 free Emeralds & $5,000 to $10,000 Emeralds Cash every single day! Rewards get better the further you advance.


📅 How It Works:

Days 1-5:
  • $5,000 Emeralds Cash 💰,
    2 Emeralds 💎
Days 6-10:
  • $5,000 Emeralds Cash 💰,
    4 Emeralds 💎
Days 11-15:
  • $5,000 Emeralds Cash 💰,
    6 Emeralds 💎

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