🌟 Introducing Our New Token Shop! 🌟


Sep 10, 2023
Hello EmeraldsMC Members,

We're excited to announce the grand opening of our brand new Token Shop!
Get ready for an enhanced gaming experience with exclusive items that can be yours by earning and spending tokens.​

Available Items for Purchase:

1. Skeleton Spawner - 10 Tokens

- Summon a legion of skeletons at your command!

2. Spider Spawner - 10 Tokens
- Unleash the eight-legged creatures with your very own Spider Spawner.

3. Zombie Spawner - 10 Tokens
- Populate your world with hordes of undead using the Zombie Spawner.

4. Cave Spider Spawner - 10 Tokens
- Bring the eerie cave spiders to life with the Cave Spider Spawner.

5. Blaze Spawner - 10 Tokens
- Harness the power of fire by obtaining the mighty Blaze Spawner.

6. Mob Trap - 15 Tokens
- Secure your surroundings with the highly efficient Mob Trap.

Exclusive Donor-Only Item:

7. Mining Pouch - 10 Tokens

- Donors get an extra edge with the exclusive Mining Pouch!

Stay tuned for additional ways to earn tokens coming soon!
We're working on introducing more opportunities for you to bolster your token balance.

Donor Rewards:

We value our donors, and to show our appreciation, donors will receive tokens each month based on their rank:

- $ Rank: 5 Tokens per month
- $$ Rank: 10 Tokens per month
- $$$ Rank: 15 Tokens per month
- <3$$$ Rank: 20 Tokens per month
- Elite Rank: 25 Tokens (one-time bonus)

Upgrade your gaming experience, unlock powerful spawners, and enjoy exclusive perks by visiting our Token Shop today!

Thank you for being a part of our incredible EmeraldsMC family. Your support is what makes our community thrive!​

Best regards,
EmeraldsMC Team


Sep 10, 2023
NEW** Available Items for Purchase:

1. Food Package - 1 Token

2. Item Voucher - 2 Tokens

3. Nether Voucher - 2 Tokens

4. Lottery Voucher - 3 Tokens

VOUCHERS for more info.