Server Rules

Server Rules

#1) No Griefing

Do not destroy builds made by other players. Player structures include builds, their belongings, their crops, and their animals.

#2) No Spamming, Advertising, or Cursing

Please use clean language, avoid spamming or repeating messages, or advertising other platforms, websites, or servers.

#3) Gather Wood, Ore, and Resources in /Farmworld

Always collect resources fairly and respect the environment. Use sustainable harvesting practices to ensure the longevity of the server world. As such, please use /farmworld exclusively for gathering resources.

#4) No exploits, hacks, or cheating will be tolerated

Any modifications that impact the Vanilla gameplay in an unfair manner are restricted from being used on our server. These modifications may result in corrective action.

#5) Be kind

Respect other players, including members of staff, while playing on the server.

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    Sep 11, 2023
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