Server Commands

Useful Commands

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Teleport to the spawn of the world that you are in.


Teleport to the resource-gathering world, Farmworld.


Display your balance. Display the top balances of users on the server.


Send money to a user.


Travel to a set home. Set a new home.


Request to teleport to a player. Accept using /tpaccept [player] or /tpadeny [player]


Submit a ticket for staff to look into.


Go back to the last location you died.


Sit, lay, crawl, or bellyflop on a block.

* /HAT

Put a block on your head as a decorative hat.


Lock your door, chest, or other storage item.

Donor Commands:


Allows for easy timber harvesting.


Access the auction menu, start an auction for your item!

* /PET

Enter the pet menu and spawn a pet!


Set additional homes.


Examples of extra 'Chat Feelings' Commands

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    Sep 11, 2023
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