Server Commands

Useful Commands

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Teleport to the spawn of the world that you are in.

* /RTP

Randomly teleport across the map to find new areas.

* /PVP

Access the PVP World.


Access the Survival World.


Teleport to the resource-gathering world, Farmworld.


Create a Land and protect your areas by claiming chunks.


Access the server store.


Vote for a reward, each day.


Join our Discord server.

* /AH

Open the Auction Menu and browse items.


Display your balance. Display the top balances of users on the server.


Send money to a user.


Travel to a set home. Set a new home. Delete a home.


Request to teleport to a player. Accept using /tpaccept [player] or /tpadeny [player].


Submit a ticket for staff to look into.


Lock your door, chest, or other storage item.


Unlock your door, chest, or other storage item.

* /LOCK [NAME1] [NAME2] ....

Lock your door, chest, or other storage item with access for your friends.


Warp to a specific Player Warp!


List available Player Warps.


Create a Player Warp!


Remove a Player Warp.


See how long you have played on the server.


Claim a daily reward!


Upgrade your armor or tools to Level 10 (X)!


Access the server token shop for exclusive items and rewards!


Sell the item in your hand for a price on the auction house!


Access the relations menu of your land to add new allies or declare new enemies.


Declare war on an enemy land.


Request to be allies with another land.

Donor Commands:


Allows for easy timber harvesting.


Set fancy particle effects for your Elytra flight!

* /PET

Enter the pet menu and spawn a pet!


Set additional homes.


Go back to the last location you died.


Sit, lay, crawl, or bellyflop on a block.

* /HAT

Put a block on your head as a decorative hat.


Examples of extra 'Chat Feelings' Commands

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