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All about "EmeraldsCash": What is it? How can I use it?


EmeraldsCash is the official EmeraldsMC SMP currency.

This currency can be used for a variety of uses, including (but not limited to): purchasing in-game items from shop plots, admin shops, and auctions, purchasing pets, purchasing exclusive features, paying other players, purchasing shop plots, and more! As such, EmeraldsCash is a very valuable asset on the server.

The TOP BALANCE LIST is a web portal that lists players who have the highest balances on EmeraldsMC. Grow your influence, wealth, and now with the LootWorld -- your power, using EmeraldsCash.

Useful Economy Commands:
/bal (Lists your balance)
/bal <user> (Lists the balance of a player)
/baltop (Lists the top balances of players on the server)
/pay <user> <amount> (Pay a player an amount)

Please know that EmeraldsCash can be earned by all members, donors and non-donors, alike, through means such as auctions, plot shops, admin shop trades, playtime rewards, and most importantly, voting rewards, which can reward players with thousands of dollars in our currency. Although packages may reward EmeraldsCash, these packages do not create an unfair advantage, as large sums of cash can be earned by non-donors through all of the same means, such as voting and in-game trades.