🌆 Shop Plots and Towns - Share Your Thriving Creations! 🏘️


Sep 10, 2023

Hello, Esteemed Builders and Town Planners!​

Are you the creative mastermind behind a bustling marketplace, a picturesque town, or a quaint little shop in our server's world? We want to celebrate your craftsmanship and community building right here in our Shop Plots and Towns forum section!

This dedicated space is your canvas to:

🏬 Showcase Your Shop:

Display your shop's unique offerings, special deals, and intricate designs. Let fellow adventurers know where to find your treasures.

🏙️ Town Spotlight:

Shine a spotlight on your thriving town or settlement. Share your town's lore, layout, and upcoming projects with our community.

🏪 Shop and Town Collaboration:

Looking for neighbors or collaborators to expand your town or market district? This is the place to connect with like-minded builders and entrepreneurs.

🛠️ Get Feedback:

Seeking feedback on your shop or town's design or functionality? Our community is full of experienced builders ready to offer valuable insights.

🎉 Announce Events:

Planning a grand opening, market festival, or town-wide event? Spread the word and invite everyone to join in the fun.

🏡 Respect and Collaboration:

As you engage with our community here, remember that respect and collaboration are essential. Treat fellow builders and entrepreneurs with kindness and consideration.

🌟 Get Inspired:

Explore the posts of fellow builders and gain inspiration for your own shop plots, towns, or marketplaces. The possibilities are endless!

Let the discussions begin, and let your creativity shine in the Shop Plots and Towns forum section.
Share your stories, designs, and aspirations with the entire EmeraldsMC community.

Your contributions play a vital role in shaping our server's landscape, and we can't wait to see the
thriving communities and bustling marketplaces that will emerge right here.

Thank you for being a part of our server's ever-evolving world. Together, we'll continue to build, create, and thrive! 🌟


Sep 10, 2023

Here is an image of our community shop-plot market:​


Each shop plot is currently available through our donor tiers or by submitting a /ticket on the server.
Please Note: Plots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, per availability. The current rent for these plots: $5000 Emeralds Cash per week.


Oct 1, 2023

Shraeder's Surplus is open for business!​

If you're in need of some early game building materials, tools, or food, this general store is right up your alley. Stop on in today!

Logs are $125 a stack!
Iron Pickaxes for $150 each!
We've got Baked Potatoes for $5
Pumpkin Pies for $10
And Golden Carrots for $100

New items are coming soon, be sure to keep an eye out!


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