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  1. emeraldsmc

    All about "EmeraldsCash": What is it? How can I use it?

    EmeraldsCash is the official EmeraldsMC SMP currency. This currency can be used for a variety of uses, including (but not limited to): purchasing in-game items from shop plots, admin shops, and auctions, purchasing pets, purchasing exclusive features, paying other players, purchasing shop...
  2. emeraldsmc

    EmeraldsSMP | Server Rules

    EmeraldsMC SMP | Rules & Standards Join us at play.emeraldsmc.com LAST UPDATED: 05-22-22 Table of Contents Behavior Standards Reporting Exploiters, Rule Breakers, and/or Abuse Reporting Server Bugs Rules of the Server Consequences Behavior Standards We encourage players to act in a way...
  3. emeraldsmc

    An all new battle experience: LootWorld (PVP) - coming soon!

    This thread is coming soon.