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  1. Essaree

    🎬 Minecraft Survival Odyssey: Episode 1: A Fresh Start 🌟

    🌟 Welcome to the first episode of our Minecraft Survival Odyssey series on the EmeraldsMC server! Join us as we embark on a brand new adventure in the world of Minecraft, starting from scratch. 🌍🏡 💎JOIN OUR SITE: 💎PLAY ON OUR SERVER: 🪓 In this...
  2. Essaree

    🌟 This Week's Challenge: Most Votes 🌟 [SUN SEP 24 - SUN OCT 01]

    🏹 Calling all EmeraldsMC adventurers! 🏹 [THE CHALLENGE WILL BEGIN SUN 24 SEPTEMBER and continue thru SUN 01 OCTOBER] 🎉 It's time to show your support and make your voice heard! 🗳️ This week, we're hosting a thrilling challenge – "Most Votes" 📊, and there are some awesome rewards up for grabs! 🎉...
  3. Essaree

    🌟 BETA OPEN 🌟 EmeraldsMC: The Ultimate Minecraft SMP Adventure Awaits! 🔥

    🎉 Exciting News! Join our Limited Beta Trial 🚀 CONNECT USING: Explore, have fun, and help shape our server's future! 🎮🌟 Server progress may be reset, altered, or changed, upon official release after testing.
  4. Essaree

    📺 EmeraldsMC: Survival Chronicles YouTube Series - Official Releases! 🌟

    Hey there, fellow adventurers of EmeraldsMC! We are excited to announce that this forum section will be the exclusive hub for all the latest episodes of our thrilling YouTube series, "EmeraldsMC: Survival Chronicles," hosted by our very own, @Essaree! 🎉 About Survival Chronicles: Prepare for...
  5. Essaree

    🌐 Welcome to the General Discussion Forum - Your Hub for All Things EmeraldsMC! 🌐

    Please note that this sub-forum will also serve as a gallery, for all images related to server builds, communities, and projects! Feel free to post your images here, once we are open!
  6. Essaree

    🌆 Shop Plots and Towns - Share Your Thriving Creations! 🏘️

    Here is an image of our community shop-plot market: Each shop plot is currently available through our donor tiers or by submitting a /ticket on the server. Please Note: Plots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, per availability. The current rent for these plots: $5000 Emeralds...
  7. Essaree

    🎬 Welcome to EmeraldsMC SMP YouTube Adventures! 🌟

    Hey there, fellow adventurers of EmeraldsMC! 🌍 🌄 Are you ready for some exciting Minecraft content? Well, you're in luck because we've got something special in store for you. 📽️ In this forum section, you'll find the latest videos from our very own server owner's YouTube channel. Get ready to...
  8. Essaree

    ✨ Feature Suggestion Box - Share Your Ideas! ✨

    Hello, dear players of EmeraldsMC! We value your input and creativity in making our server the best it can be. If you have a brilliant idea for a new feature, improvement, or anything else you believe would enhance the gameplay experience, we'd love to hear it! To streamline the process and...
  9. Essaree

    🌟 Want to Become a Member? - Read This 🌟 Application Thread

    Hi New Player & Welcome to EmeraldsMC! If you're eager to join the ranks of our thriving community at EmeraldsMC, you're in the right place! We're excited to welcome new members into our fold. To start your journey, kindly follow the application format provided below and reply to this thread...
  10. Essaree

    🌆 Shop Plots and Towns - Share Your Thriving Creations! 🏘️

    Hello, Esteemed Builders and Town Planners! Are you the creative mastermind behind a bustling marketplace, a picturesque town, or a quaint little shop in our server's world? We want to celebrate your craftsmanship and community building right here in our Shop Plots and Towns forum section...
  11. Essaree

    ⚖️ Ban Appeal - Your Opportunity to Regain Access to Adventure! ⚔️

    Dear Adventurers, We understand that sometimes situations arise that may lead to temporary restrictions from our server. While these measures are in place to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all players, we believe in second chances and fairness. If you find yourself banned and...
  12. Essaree

    🐛 Reporting Bugs and Glitches - Your Voice for a Smoother Gaming Experience! 🎮

    Dear Players, We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible gaming experience here at EmeraldsMC. However, we understand that occasionally, unforeseen bugs and glitches may surface. Your feedback is incredibly valuable in helping us maintain a seamless and enjoyable gameplay...
  13. Essaree

    🛒 Resolving Purchase Issues - Your Path to a Smooth Transaction! 🛒

    Dear Esteemed Players, We understand that from time to time, hiccups can occur when making purchases, whether it's a recent donor package or missing in-game items. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience, and we're here to assist you every step of the...
  14. Essaree

    🚨 Reporting Rule Violations - Your Guide to Maintaining Fair Play! 🚨

    Dear Valued Players, Ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience is at the core of our server's ethos. To uphold these values, we rely on our incredible community to help us maintain the highest standards of conduct. If you ever encounter a player who appears to be breaking the rules, we...
  15. Essaree

    🌐 Welcome to the General Discussion Forum - Your Hub for All Things EmeraldsMC! 🌐

    Dear Adventurers, We are thrilled to welcome you to the heart of our community—the General Discussion Forum! This is the place where your ideas, questions, and creativity can flourish. Whether you're looking to share your latest build, brainstorm town plans, pitch store ideas, or seek help...
  16. Essaree

    📢 Release Date Announcement: Save the Date! 📆

    The moment you've all been waiting for is drawing near, and we're excited to share a sneak peek of what's to come. Our Survival Minecraft server is gearing up for launch, and we're thrilled to announce our anticipated release date. BETA IS NOW AVAILABLE: 🌟 PLAY.EMERALDSMC.COM 🌟 Why You...
  17. Essaree

    🌟 BETA OPEN 🌟 EmeraldsMC: The Ultimate Minecraft SMP Adventure Awaits! 🔥

    BETA TESTING NOW AVAILABLE: Prepare to embark on an epic journey like no other! Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure in the world of Minecraft, as we unveil the most immersive and thrilling survival server you've ever experienced. 🏹 Survival Redefined: Dive into a...